There are three allotment sites in the Parish, those being Plough Road Allotment site, Keepers Corner Allotment Site and Burstow Allotment Site located on the Surrey/Sussex border.


All tenants will be required to be members of the Smallfield Horticultural & Gardening Association group relevant to their allotment site and abide by the rules of that association, those being Plough Road, Keepers Corner and Burstow Allotments


Keepers Corner and Plough Road sites are connected to mains water however we do request that as much as possible water is drawn from the wells to reduce costs. Burstow Allotments have a well.


Charges for allotments are 35p per square metre but discounts are available to residents who are in receipt of a state pension upon request.


We currently have a small number of vacancies on the Plough Road site. The waiting list is open to all residents of Burstow Parish, and there is a possibility of that list being extended to prospective tenants who reside outside the Parish, as in the case of Burstow Allotments, when the development has been completed and the works area is regenerated.


For the rules relating to our allotments please click here


Contact the Clerk at the office with regard to having an allotment.

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